“The Meaning”

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"The Meaning" is a track from Fruition that we've reluctantly held in the vault until the band was ready to release it. We recorded the song back in September 2014, not long after it was written and the band started playing it at some live shows. But getting tracks recorded the studio and then on an album can be hard. Sometimes you have 14 good songs and you can only put 13 on the record. Or maybe you wrote a keeper the day after you finished recording for your last album. Then that song has to wait until the next album. Which could be 2 or 3 years away. I am not sure of how this all worked out with Fruition, but the point is that "The Meaning" is a great track they've had in their pocket for a while now, and you can now watch how they were performing this song back in September 2014. It is on their new Album Labor of Love, out April 22 2016 on Randm Records.


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Jack Broadbent sings into a microphone on the Telluride Gondola

Jack Broadbent

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