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The Swan Sisters played "Rivers" on the way back down the Gondola, swapping out the ukulele and clapping for a couple of acoustic guitars. We opened with a shot out the window, then tried to bring it back in. It reminded me a bit of the Shakey Graves video where I started filming looking in the other direction then pulled it back around. Lighting is constantly changing on gondola rides, so these types of shots can be a bit tricky.

The Swan Sisters kept the playful energy going on this take of "Rivers," and again the video makes it feel like they are playing just for you. I really enjoy the harmonies on this one.

Band Members
Amiria Grenell (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Amy Grace (vocals, acoustic guitar)


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Jack Broadbent sings into a microphone on the Telluride Gondola

Jack Broadbent

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