“Never See You Again”

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"Never See You Again" was the first song that I heard from Hamish Anderson where I really thought that his acoustic guitar playing shined. While the acoustic is also featured in "Holding On" on his debut album Trouble, there is something about the strum pattern and natural sound of the acoustic in "Never See You Again" that caught my attention. But I also love Anderson's heavier blues riffs and solos, which are spot on in the title track of his 2016 release. But after that first time that I heard "Never See You Again," I knew that I wanted Anderson to record with us. Luckily, this was one of the songs that Anderson chose to play.

You gave me something,
I thought was worth all the pain
Now I'm just hoping,
I never see you again


Hamish Anderson (vocals, acoustic guitar)


Hamish Anderson playing acoustic guitar and singing on the Telluride Gondola

Hamish Anderson

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