“Bacterium, Look At Your Motor Go”

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"Bacterium, Look At Your Motor Go" is the title of Ha The Unclear's 2014 album, but this is not the title track on that album. This track is going to be on their 2017 release, which at the time of writing is yet to be named. Writing a song with the title of their previous release and putting it on the next release is a concept that the band has followed for their first couple of releases that links their work together. Perhaps in 10 or so albums those select tracks will combine to form some sort of concept album. Or something. Or maybe not. But for now we can just sit back and enjoy the booming classical guitar and mysterious lyrics on this acoustic take from the Christchurch Gondola.

Ha The Unclear Band Members:

  • Michael Cathro (vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • Theo Francis (percussion, whistling)
  • Paul Cathro (tambourine)
  • Ben Sargeant (not featured)


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