Classic Blues on the Gondola from Selwyn Birchwood

After helping Selwyn Birchwood find a spot to park on the crowded streets of Telluride (we filmed during the 2013 Blues & Brews festival), I went up to his van to see if he needed help carrying anything to the gondola. He seemed to have it under control, but I got curious when he began winding up a 1/4″ cable. “Um…you know this is acoustic, right?” I asked. He chuckled, explained he didn’t have one with him, and let me in on his plans for a plugged-in session. I had seen artists “plug-in” before on similar-styled sessions – like this Black Cab one – but it was a first for us! When we got on the gondola, Selwyn busted out his little Honeytone mini-amp and starting warming up. After testing the sound a bit, we were confident to roll.

Selwyn Birchwood at the Telluride Gondola Sessions

We stopped for some photos in Mountain Village before song #2

For the 1st tune of his session, Birchwood played his song “Love Me Again”. This heartfelt blues tune in E captures what the blues are all about – it’s no wonder this guy won the 2013 International Blues Challenge for the best guitarist. The Selwyn Birchwood Band also won the competition for best band, so be sure to check these guys out live if you get a chance – at the show we went to, Selwyn danced through the crowd and on the bar while shredding! Anyways, here’s the first video:

“Love Me Again”

For the 2nd song of his Gondola Session, Birchwood performed a song titled “River Turned Red”. We filmed this one on the way back down to Telluride, and just before starting the song the sun came from behind a cloud and beamed down on the gondola. It made for some interesting lighting on the video, and for some cool shots of the town and surrounding mountains – check it out.

“River Turned Red”

Selwyn Birchwood currently has 1 CD out titled “FL Boy“, but neither of these songs are on it. So if you like what you hear, be sure to check out his CD for more original tracks. Birchwood and the band are also working another CD that should be out sometime in 2013, so stay tuned for that as well. Maybe we’ll see these tracks on it…