Jack Broadbent Plays “Remedy” In Our 1st Ride Along Session

Jack Broadbent plays guitar as the sun sets in Telluride
We were genuinely stoked when Jack Broadbent agreed to be our Ride Along artist for the 2017 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. Turns out his manager agreed to it and he knew nothing about it, but he was cool with it so all good there. This Ride Along promo was part of the Adventure Giveaway for the festival where, among other things, winners Lindsay and Robin got to Ride Along on a session with us.

We quickly turned them into our assistants, helping carry gear on and off the gondola in what became our most gear-heavy session to date. It is also the first time that we have had the musician use a separate microphone. Which put my head in a spin at first.

Micing Jack Broadbent’s Gondola Session

We have always recorded with one mic. There has been the odd session where we have taken a direct input from something like an electric bass, but that is rare. On this Jack Broadbent session, we used two mics.

He plugged his vocal mic and guitar into a portable amp, which he mixed together with some reverb. We stashed the amp under his seat, but turned it up load enough so that it would fill the space. And we recorded this all through our condenser microphone.

Condenser microphones are pretty sensitive, and pick up everything. So on this session, we are recording his voice and his guitar on their own, and then these are also going through his mic and guitar, respectively, and then into the amp. Which we are also recording. We are not taking a line out from the amp, but rather recording its output.

This is all happening so quickly that it is hard to pick up in the recording, but there should (theoretically) be a short delay between his actual vocals and guitar and what comes out of the amp. We spent a bit more time setting up and making sure this would work well, and I think it did.

Jack Broadbent Gondola Session Video

Jack Broadbent has gained a reputation for his grungy style of slide guitar blues, which is quite fun and rowdy. However, I was glad that we recorded a more slow, delicate, and intimate song on the gondola. It gave us some time to relax and focus on his songwriting and fingerstyle playing. Here is the previously unreleased “Remedy.”


More Jack Broadbent Video Goodness

Jack Broadbent has quite a few live performances out there on YouTube that are pretty rad. Here is one in particular that I like, recorded at the 2016 Montreux Jazz Festival.

“On The Road Again” (Live at Montreux)

Hope that you enjoyed this first Ride Along Gondola Session with Jack Broadbent. He’s constantly on the road and plays an awesome live show, so be sure to keep an eye out for when he stops through your town.