Chuck Mosley, Spencer and Sequoia, Gus & Vic, Stephen El Rey photos

Over June-July this year, we teamed up on a contest with ReverbNation to find our next Gondola Sessions artist. And after letting our ears guide us through over 450 submissions, we picked 4 winners. Look into them below, and have a listen on the media player to hear the song that separated them from the […]

Ha The Unclear band members riding the Christchurch Gondola

Ha The Unclear is a band with a sound that is hard to pin down. Some of their songs have melodic hooks and others are chord driven. Most songs are electric, but some are acoustic. Lyrics are often front and center, but vocal harmoniesĀ can be found buildingĀ in the background. Tempos change. Keys change. Moods change. […]

Anders Osborne close up in front of a phone booth

Anders Osborne is one of the more diverse artists to visit the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. Though based in the blues hub of New Orleans, Osborne draws on influences from rock, soul, blues, folk and reggae music to create a wide range of original tunes. At the 2016 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, for […]

AJ Fullerton plays guitar and Nic Clark plays Harmonica on a gondola

A.J. Fullerton is a blues musician from Montrose, Colorado, just over an hour from where we filmed him at the 2016 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. He has been attending the festival for years, and has gained a reputation around the festival for his performances at the Telluride Blues Challenge. A.J. Fullerton’s music is typically […]

Dustin Arbuckle playing harmonica and Aaron Moreland playing slide guitar on the Telluride Gondola

Moreland & Arbuckle are a blues trio from Kansas that play a gritty, grungy, dirty, swampy and ruckus type of blues. The group consists of Aaron Moreland on guitar, Dustin Arbuckle on vocals and harmonica and Kendall Newby on drums. The band signed on with the legendary blues label Alligator Records in 2015, and released […]

Jonathon Boogie Long playing guitar the Town of Telluride

Jonathon Boogie Long is soft spoken and laid back, but his music is not. Get a guitar in his hands and he’ll start belting out tunes and running his fingers up and down the fretboard in no time. Or, at least that was what happened when we gave him our GS Loaner Guitar during the […]

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