Selwyn Birchwood

Hailing from Tampa, Florida and winner of the 29th annual International Blues Challenge is blues musician Selwyn Birchwood. I have never been to IBC, but I imagine the results are based off of a live performance, and I can definitely see why Selwyn would win that – him & the band are insane live!!

We met Selwyn Birchwood down at the 2013 Telluride Blues & Brews festival, and during his late-night show at the Elks Lodge, he soloed while dancing and stomping around on the bar. With his saxophone player close by in the audience, the crowd was going nuts for Birchwood, and the intensity remained high throughout the show.

Gondola Sessions are always a bit more tame than the live performance – it is an intimate acoustic session – so we got to capture another side of Birchwood during the sessions (he did bring the pocket amp along though!) We managed to get 3 songs from the up-and-coming artist – each one a powerful and soulful blues tune. Give ’em a watch, and be sure to keep an eye out for Selwyn Birchwood.

  • BAND MEMBERS: Selwyn Birchwood, Curtis Nutall, Huff Wright, Regi Oliver
  • HOMETOWN: Tampa, FL
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